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    "Our vision is to build awareness of natural product brands so that consumers can make sustainable and health conscious choices in the marketplace…"

  • Event Marketing
    We know what it takes to stand out, and we've mastered how to do it efficiently and effectively...
  • In-store Demo Campaigns
    Building memorable connections with consumers and store management—all the while, driving sales...
  • Costco Roadshows
    A Road Show is an invaluable sales and marketing opportunity to reach 16,000 to 18,000 in a given weekend—at each warehouse...
  • Guerrilla LOHAS Sampling
    Cost-effective, creates a lasting impact, and gives you the opportunity to reach consumers outside of stores and events...
  • Mobile Sampling Tours
    Put your brand in the spotlight and combine the most impactful of our services to build a successful event marketing program...
  • Ski Sampling
    From families to "weekend warriors" to athletes, ski resorts are a great lifestyle pocket to find the natural food consumer.
  • Music Festivals
    Music Festivals are an excellent venue to reach tens of thousands of socially and environmentally conscious consumers ...